Best PC games to play in 2019

Best PC games to play in 2019

If you are looking for some good PC games, then you have definitely come to the right place. There are tons of video games  that will entertain you. Here is an expanding collection of entertaining titles of laptop games download windows 10 that one must buy if you own a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop,

Adventures of Pip

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Adventures of Pip is a famous laptop games download windows 10 action game that is based on an interesting premise. It involves a pixel based hero between his 1 bit as well as 16 bit forms who fights through different levels after levels with bosses and goons. The game’s  rich environment, unique premise, and fun game play thereby combines to form a game filled with lots of charm and love apart from the limited scope of its power ups and weapons.

Axiom Verge

Developer of this game, Tom Happ, who is also known for his amazing work on NFL Street franchises and EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour went all indie and designed a beautiful tribute to the action genre also called as Metroidvania. This 2D game combines all the best aspects of classics like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Metroid that delivers a refined experience for all the newcomers of different genres. Axiom Verge is an engaging and a fun game, but its story elements and pointless weapons kind of ruin the experience.

Batman: Arkham City

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They say if you liked X, then you will definitely love Y. So, If you really liked Batman: Arkham Asylum, then you will just love Batman: Arkham City. The developer, Rocksteady Studios actually borrows everything from the Asylum (and is filled with all the thrilling, fighting and amazing voice acting) even though it delivers very less innovation. This makes Arkham City unoriginal, but no denying that the game is packed with enough villain busting fun and still stands out as one of the best PC action games.

In many regards, PC gamers have it better than their console counterparts. One reason why it is like that is because of the sheer breadth of titles available, with a large number being either a lot better than one console or exclusive to the PC. Choosing the best laptop games download windows 10  to play is difficult, though.